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Course objectives and aims:

This module explores how Twitter can be used in helping you to communicate efficiently  at a professional level in order to seek for job opportunities.

Module Aims and Objectives

To use a Twitter account for:

  •        Creating a profile aimed at  identifying professional opportunities
  •        Building and maintaining a network of professional relationships
  •        Publishing and sharing posts related to the professional interests

Learning outcomes:

After studying this module you will understand:

  •        How to create a professional profile through Twitter
  •        How to use job search tools & resources
  •        How to find subjects related to job opportunities and how to communicate efficiently in this context



This module intended to be delivered as Blended Learning – a mixture of workshops, self-study with practice activities and self-assessment.  This will involve:

     An introductory workshop delivered by your course tutor

     Completion of a self-study module which includes:

  • How to set up a Twitter Account (optional – in case you are new to Twitter)
  • Discovering Twitter’s role in your job search
  • Attracting job opportunities by what you share on your Twitter profile
  • Using Job search tools and resources in Twitter for  proactive job search
  • Practical exercises and tips to help you apply your learning
  • Self-assessment exercises for checking your understanding

     A follow-up workshop for sharing, coaching and the application of your learning


You will also find a range of supporting resource materials available on the web2jobs platform.




  1. How to use Twitter -
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  3. Twitter for Beginners -

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